Friday, January 18, 2019

Hello to all

I can't believe it is already 2019.
I can't believe it's the middle of January, 2019!

Wait, January, slow down.....

I got sick with a cold the day after Christmas.
Nothing unusual, our whole family has been sick
and passing this stuff around - back and forth.
Thought I could shake it with ZiCam.
A homeopathic remedy you can buy at Walgreens, CVS, etc.
It usually works for me.

Not this time.
I finally ended up going to the doctor on January 11
and got diagnosed with bronchitis.
Two antibiotics for seven days and rest.

Which sucked for me, because I had PLANS.

PLANS for lots of cleaning and purging 
PLANS to start painting 
PLANS for daily exercise. 

Nope, not happening.
So I rested. I slept. I read.
When I started to feel a little better, 
I went to acupuncture.

Now THAT really helped.

So, the seven days have gone and I am now feeling 
sort of like my old self again.
Except I'm weak.
I have no energy.
And I have yet to get back into exercise
except for ONE day.
And only walking and biking.
For about 15 minutes.
I felt like I had run ten miles.

And there's been SNOW.
Ugh, I don't know about you
but I need me some sunshine.

 I do see the end in sight.

I have lots of projects and shows in the works.
And when I feel less like a kitten and more like a lioness,
I will tell you about them.

Oh, and I've lost 60 pounds in the last year, 
and this year, I'm going for the rest of it.



Gloria (Glo) Fletcher Artist said...

These winter bugs are here in the UK too and really take you off your feet :-( I wish you well Dee and hope you continue to improve and feel better. It takes time. Looking forward to hearing about your projects when the lioness is back. In the meantime massive Congratulations on your brilliant weight loss :-)

Dee Sanchez said...

Thank you , sorry it took me so long to respond~